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Misericordia University Directory
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Adams, Michelle InstructorMedical Imaging(570) 674-6152Email
Allen, Mary Beth Foundation Government Relations ManagerGov, Corp & Fdn Relat(570) 674-6299Email
Alperstein, Jack Graduate Assistant SwimmingAthletics(570) 674-8168Email
Aritz, Jessica Alternative Learning Program CoordinatorAlternative Learn Proj(570) 674-6336Email
Ash, John Assistant ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-6704Email
Asirvatham, Angela Associate ProfessorBiology(570) 674-8002Email
Augustine, Lailani Director of Alumni Relations & MU FundAlumni Relations(570) 674-6248Email
Auker, Linda Assistant ProfessorBiology(570) 674-6359Email
Austin, Allan ProfessorHistory(570) 674-6793Email
Bachman, Amy Manager of Enrollment MarketingMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-3342Email
Baloga, David Coordinator of Volunteer Service and ServiceMission, Ministry & Service(570) 674-6315Email
Banker, Oradell Graduate Program Clinical Placement CoordNursing(570) 674-8104Email
Barker, Susan ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6422Email
Barry, Susan Assistant RegistrarRegistrar(570) 674-6319Email
Baxter, Logan Graduate Assistant - FootballAthletics(570) 674-6176Email
Beecham, Carl Facilities Operations ManagerFacilities(570) 674-8073Email
Belles, Ariana Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-8151Email
Black, Jennifer Associate ProfessorHistory(570) 674-1491Email
Blazaskie, Lynn Assistant ProfessorMedical Imaging(570) 674-8153Email
Blum, Christopher Head Coach Softball/Coordinator of OperationsAthletics(570) 674-3066Email
Bogdon, Helen Administrative AssistantColl of Arts and Science(570) 674-6378Email
Bolinsky, Tabitha College Liaison CB CASStudent Success Center(570) 674-6323Email
Borchert, Lisa Executive Assistant to the PresidentPresident(570) 674-6265Email
Bozinski, Glenn Vice President of Enrollment ManagementAdmissions(570) 674-6434Email
Brague, Michele Associate ProfessorEducation(570) 674-6444Email
Breymeier, Shirley Academic Coordinator of Fieldwork ExperiencesEducation(570) 674-6261Email
Brodmerkel, Darcy Director of Student EngagementStudent Engagement(570) 674-6466Email
Brogan, Laurie Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-1876Email
Broskoske, Stephen Associate ProfessorEducation(570) 674-6761Email
Brown, Sarah Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-3329Email
Bump, Pauline Assistant Manager Printing & Mailing ServicesPrinting & Mailing Services(570) 674-6241Email
Bunting, Hailie Graduate Assistant | StuntAthletics(570) 674-6187Email
Burk, Samantha Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-1224Email
Burns Kilduff, Erin Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-8485Email
Caffrey, Kimberly Executive Assistant to Vice PresidentVP Mission Integration(570) 674-1877Email
Capitano, Gina Assistant ProfessorMedical Imaging(570) 674-8067Email
Carr, Leo Lab ManagerColl of Arts and Science(570) 674-6370Email
Carso, Brian Associate ProfessorHistory(570) 674-6395Email
Carusotto, Alana AdjunctPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6220Email
Castle, Michele Payroll/Payables CoordinatorFinance(570) 674-6284Email
Cech, Maureen Archivist and Special Collections LibrarianLibrary(570) 674-6420Email
Cefalo, Karen Assistant Director Admissions-CPSSSAdmissions(570) 674-8094Email
Cencetti, Melissa Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-3321Email
Chandler, William Head Coach M Bsktbll/Coord Ftbll Game Evt MgtAthletics(570) 674-6317Email
Charney, Lori Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-3330Email
Chertow, Ken Head Coach of Women's Wrestling | Event ManagAthletics(570) 674-8327Email
Cimino, Lori Assistant ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-8050Email
Cipriani jr., Joseph ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6412Email
Cole, Karen Associate Director of Financial AidStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-6701Email
Cole, Kevin Head Coach | Men's Ice HockeyAthletics(570) 674-8330Email
Conaboy, Kimberly Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6760Email
Cottle, Tyler Head Coach FootballAthletics(570) 674-1445Email
Cragle, Deborah Student Financial Services Systems ManagerStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-6313Email
Crispell, Scott Asst Athletic Dir for Media/Community RelatioAthletics(570) 674-6398Email
Croop, Fred ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-6327Email
Cunfer, Audrey Nursing Clinical, Laboratory and Simulation CNursing(570) 674-1480Email
Cunningham, Matthew Systems Programmer AnalystIT, Networking Group(570) 674-8127Email
Curran, Joseph ProfessorReligious Studies(570) 674-8082Email
Danner, Patrick Assistant ProfessorEnglish(570) 674-8158Email
de Matteo, Dominick Assistant Director of Campus LifeCampus Life(570) 674-6266Email
Delmar, Jennifer Executive Assistant to Vice PresidentVP Academic Affairs(570) 674-6218Email
deMarrais, Garrett Graduate Assistant BaseballAthletics(570) 674-1490Email
Demko, Jeffrey ARCH | CACE Program CoordinatorCenter Adult & Cnt Ed(570) 674-3020Email
Depasquale, Catherine Cataloging SpecialistLibrary(570) 674-6325Email
DeRoberto, Katelyn Institutional Research AnalystFincl & Adm Affairs(570) 674-6363Email
Dieffenbacher, Lesley University Scheduling and Events CoordinatorUniversity Advancement(570) 674-6333Email
Dillon, Jill Lab AssistantBiology(570) 674-6185Email
DiPino, Frank ProfessorBiology(570) 674-6457Email
DiPippa, Mark Director of DevelopmentDevelopment(570) 674-8194Email
Donato, Michelle Administrative AssistantColl of Arts and Science(570) 674-6242Email
Dooner, Kyle Web Content / Marketing CoordinatorMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-8483Email
Dorak, Barbara Administrative AssistantMedical Imaging(570) 674-6256Email
Doshi, Tina Assistant Director of AdmissionsAdmissions(570) 674-6255Email
Duffy, Colleen Assistant ProfessorEducation(570) 674-6338Email
Duffy, Elizabeth Administrative AssistantEducation(570) 674-6270Email
Easton, Tanya Vice President University AdvancementUniversity Advancement(570) 674-6368Email
Ebersole, Rebbeka Assistant Registrar Academic Curriculum AdvisRegistrar(570) 674-6360Email
Eddy, Paula Finance Division SpecialistFincl & Adm Affairs(570) 674-6355Email
Edkins, Charles Director of AthleticsAthletics(570) 674-6397Email
Egbert, Peter Head Coach Baseball/Coord Athletic OperationsAthletics(570) 674-6471Email
Elgonitis, Erica Administrative Assistant to Vice PresidentVP Academic Affairs(570) 674-3356Email
Evanosky, Nicole Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6757Email
Evans, Dawn Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6415Email
Evans, Johnna Corporate Relations CoordinatorProfessional Devel. & Leadership(570) 674-6184Email
Fawbush, Janine Administrative AssistantProfessional Devel. & Leadership(570) 674-6409Email
Federo, Sandra Director of Health CenterStudent Health Services(570) 674-6432Email
Fedor, Anna Associate ProfessorChemistry(570) 674-6769Email
Ferrara, Wendy Executive Assistant to Vice PresidentUniversity Advancement(570) 674-3341Email
Filipkowski, Kelly ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-1486Email
Finnegan, Laurie Project Manager Facilities - Grounds ManagerGrounds(570) 674-8182Email
Flaherty, Amy Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-8484Email
Flaherty, Briane Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-3043Email
Frawley Woolfolk, Jessica Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-8298Email
Fritz, Heather Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-1498Email
Fronzoni, Doreen Accounts Payable/Purchasing ClerkFinance(570) 674-8301Email
Fulton, Brian Electronic Resources LibrarianLibrary(570) 674-3032Email
Galvez, Emelyn Professional CounselorCounseling & Psych Service Cntr(570) 674-6160Email
Gargone, David Associate ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-6337Email
Gebhardt, Christiana Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-1230Email
Geffken, Coleen Coordinator | Graduate Education ProgramsEducation(570) 674-6347Email
Generose, April Staff AccountantFinance(570) 674-8190Email
Geskey, Christen Human Resources CoordinatorHuman Resource Mgmt(570) 674-6245Email
Gillam, Scott Project Manager, Fac. Planning, Design & ConFacilities(570) 674-6274Email
Godlewski, George Assistant ProfessorSocial Work(570) 674-6233Email
Goss, Sheryl Assistant ProfessorSonography(570) 674-6790Email
Green, RuthAnn Campus Life Coordinator | Student EngagementCampus Life(570) 674-6181Email
Gurcsik, Sara Senior AccountantFinance(570) 674-3061Email
Hacken, Francis Director of Campus Safety and SecuritySafety Department(570) 674-8324Email
Hajkowski, Thomas Associate ProfessorHistory(570) 674-8083Email
Halesey, Elaine ProfessorMedical Imaging(570) 674-6480Email
Hall, Kaitlin Public Relations CoordinatorMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-6365Email
Hamilton, Patrick ProfessorEnglish(570) 674-8020Email
Hancuff, Richard Manager of Online Learning SystemsOffice of Teaching Technology(570) 674-8177Email
Hauk, Andrew Head Coach of Men's Lacrosse | COFAthletics(570) 674-8498Email
Hawkins, Michelle Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6344Email
Haydt, Richard ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6421Email
Hedglin, James Custodial SupervisorHousekeeping(570) 674-1442Email
Hennigan, Richard Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-3326Email
Hiester idec, Marnie ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-6316Email
Hilstolsky, Michael Manager of User ServicesIT, PC Support Group(570) 674-8004Email
Hinkle, Nicole Head Coach of Women's LacrosseAthletics(570) 674-8309Email
Hinton, Matthew Assistant Director of SSC/Academic Support SvStudent Success Center(570) 674-6703Email
Holub, Madison Graduate Assistant SoftballAthletics(570) 674-8314Email
Hornak, Matthew Director of Budgets and AccountingFinance(570) 674-6211Email
Hospodar, Kate Digital Print OperatorPrinting & Mailing Services(570) 674-8164Email
Hromisin, Ronald Associate Vice President of FinanceFinance(570) 674-6312Email
Hubler, Madison Professional CounselorCounseling & Psych Service Cntr(570) 674-6726Email
Hughes-butcher, Kathleen Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-8180Email
Hunter, George Associate ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-6240Email
Hurn, Paul Graduate Assistant, IT User ServicesIT, PC Support Group(570) 674-8486Email
Hynes, Brianna Staff AccountantFinance(570) 674-1443Email
Jarvis, Sam Director of Enrollment MarketingMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-6267Email
Jayne, Cheryl Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6740Email
Johndrow jr, David Director of Information TechnologyIT, Data Services Group(570) 674-6762Email
Johnson, Sandy Coordinator Women with Children ProgramWomen w/ Children(570) 674-3320Email
Karnish, Kristen Associate ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-3325Email
Kelly, Francis Assistant ProfessorPhysics(570) 674-6419Email
Kercsmar, Angelica Major and Corporate Gift OfficerUniversity Advancement(570) 674-6718Email
King, JoDee Administrative AssistantStudent Health Services(570) 674-6276Email
Klimas, Karen Assistant ProfessorSonography(570) 674-8013Email
Kline, Amy Director of Student Success CenterVP Academic Affairs(570) 674-6330Email
Kolaski, Kevin Graduate Assistant Men's SoccerAthletics(570) 674-8167Email
Kornoski, Marilyn Administrative AssistantNursing(570) 674-6474Email
Kuchinski-Donnelly, Darlene Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-1866Email
Lahart, Amy Vice President for Mission Integration & StudVP Mission Integration(570) 674-6320Email
Lapczynski rsm, Patricia Associate ProfessorMath/Computer Sci(570) 674-6741Email
Lattuga, Dylan Graduate Assistant X Country/Track & FieldAthletics(570) 674-1869Email
Lazur, Susan Administrative AssistantLibrary(570) 674-6225Email
Leahy, Tara Gift Entry and Donor Records CoordinatorAdvancement Services(570) 674-6354Email
Linder, Marissa Administrative AssistantPhysician Assistant(570) 674-8192Email
Lindstead, Spencer Graduate Assistant - Athletic AdministrationAthletics(570) 674-6447Email
Lipski, Elizabeth Director Student Financial ServicesStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-6194Email
Little, Lalaine Director of the Art GalleriesArt Gallery(570) 674-8420Email
Loughlin, Jodi Associate ProfessorEducation(570) 674-3041Email
Luksa, Jennifer Director of Library ServicesLibrary(570) 674-6224Email
Luksic, Catherine Assistant ProfessorPittsburgh(570) 674-6714Email
Lunger, Laura Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6436Email
Lyons, Kristi Women with Children and Parent Pathways of NEWomen w/ Children(570) 674-8086Email
Ma, Zhen Associate ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-6158Email
Maas, Sylvia Assistant Director of Enrollment ManagementAdmissions(570) 674-8199Email
Macdonald, Peggy Information Technology Project ManagerIT, Data Services Group(570) 674-8035Email
Mack, Nicholas Senior Admissions CounselorAdmissions(570) 674-6168Email
Madden, Aroona Admissions System SpecialistAdmissions(570) 674-6435Email
Malcolm, Lisa Director of Advancement ServicesAdvancement Services(570) 674-6293Email
Mamlekar, Chitrali Assistant ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-8047Email
Marcinko, Marko Visiting InstructorFine Arts(570) 674-6182Email
Marcum, Melissa Clinical Data ManagerNursing(570) 674-8046Email
Marks, Christine College Retention Liaison (A&S/CPSS)Student Success Center(570) 674-8170Email
Martin, Jennifer Lead Postal ClerkPost Office(570) 674-6235Email
Mayorowski, Vanessa Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6721Email
McCarthy, Danielle Graduate Assistant - Sports InformationAthletics(570) 674-8167Email
McCrone, James Network AdministratorIT, Networking Group(570) 674-6210Email
Mclaughlin, Ellen ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6399Email
McPhaul, Aliah Manager of Diversity and InclusionVP Mission Integration(570) 674-8233Email
Mellon, Jordan Assistant Director of Alumni RelationsAlumni Relations(570) 674-6361Email
Meng, Fanchao Assistant ProfessorMath/Computer Sci(570) 674-8487Email
Michael, Kathryn Administrative AssistantPhysician Assistant(570) 674-6716Email
Mihal, Matthew Manager of Applications DevelopmentIT, Data Services Group(570) 674-6166Email
Mihalko, Taras Director of FacilitiesFacilities(570) 674-6246Email
Miles, Denise ProfessorEducation(570) 674-6290Email
Miller, Ross Assistant Coach Men's BasketballAthletics(570) 674-1871Email
Moore, Hailey Graduate Assistant | MarketingMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-8064Email
Moran, Kelley ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6467Email
Morgan, John Associate ProfessorChemistry(570) 674-6377Email
Mudlock, Carrey Ann Director of Counseling and Psychological ServDean of Students(570) 674-6366Email
Mulally, Tiffany Assistant ProfessorEducation(570) 674-1219Email
Munley, Nicole Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-6722Email
Musto, Joseph Major & Planned Gift OfficerDevelopment(570) 674-6356Email
Myers, Daniel PresidentPresident(570) 674-6215Email
Narcum, Annmarie Executive Assistant to Vice PresidentVP of Student Affairs(570) 674-6238Email
Nardone, Paul Director of CACE and OSSCenter Adult & Cnt Ed(570) 674-8130Email
Naugle, Jennifer Advancement Services AssistantAdvancement Services(570) 674-6155Email
Nelson, Andrew Assistant Coach, Track & Field/Cross CountryAthletics(570) 674-8157Email
Nelson, Peter Visiting Assistant ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-3336Email
Newhart, Colleen Access Services ManagerLibrary(570) 674-3036Email
Newton, Michael Defensive Coord/Asst Football CoachAthletics(570) 674-1872Email
Nordstrom, Alicia ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-8008Email
Nudo, Angelo Director of Residence LifeCampus Life(570) 674-6287Email
Nulton, Jill Alternative Learning Program CoordinatorAlternative Learn Proj(570) 674-6454Email
O'brien, Janice Graphic DesignerPrinting & Mailing Services(570) 674-6386Email
O'day, Tracey Administrative AssistantSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-6724Email
O'Donnell, Sandra Clinical SpecialistNursing(570) 674-8044Email
Orleski, Michael Associate ProfessorPhysics(570) 674-6251Email
Orlowski, Andrew Equipment ManagerAthletics(570) 674-8312Email
Ostrum, Leah Student Financial Services CounselorStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-3338Email
Outwater, Heather Graphic DesignerPrinting & Mailing Services(570) 674-6388Email
Pace, Leane Human Resources ManagerHuman Resource Mgmt(570) 674-6426Email
Pace, Teri Administrative Assistant -Clinical SpecialistColl of Health Science(570) 674-6441Email
Parsnik, Pamela Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coord.Human Resource Mgmt(570) 674-6310Email
Pascal, Maureen Associate ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6258Email
Pasquini, David Coordinator of Enrollment MarketingMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-1481Email
Pavlick, Dana Manager of Student Wellness and ConductDean of Students(570) 674-6318Email
Pechulis, Joseph Campus Life Coordinator | First Year ExperienCampus Life(570) 674-1455Email
Pedro, Elizabeth IT Technical AdministratorIT, PC Support Group(570) 674-8055Email
Pellegrini, Larry Associate VP of University AdvancementUniversity Advancement(570) 674-6307Email
Peralta Nin, Cindy Admissions CounselorAdmissions(570) 674-6463Email
Perdomo, Carlos Admissions CounselorAdmissions(570) 674-6298Email
Perneta, Aaron User Services TechnicianIT, PC Support Group(570) 674-6151Email
Pheasant, Steven ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6765Email
Phillips, Gregory Administrative AssistantOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6391Email
Pierson, James Dean, College of BusinessCollege Prof Studies(570) 674-6172Email
Pimm, Amy Administrative AssistantNursing(570) 674-6474Email
Pohlidal, Katherine Director of the Women with Children ProgramWomen w/ Children(570) 674-6728Email
Popek, Selena Administrative AssistantBusiness(570) 674-6430Email
Potichko, David Senior Programmer/AnalystIT, Data Services Group(570) 674-6427Email
Prado, Alberto Coordinator of the Tutoring CenterStudent Success Center(570) 674-6204Email
Puhalla, Marianne Manager of Donor Communications & RelationshiUniversity Advancement(570) 674-8201Email
Radvanyi, Christine Admissions System ManagerAdmissions(570) 674-1435Email
Randazza, David PainterFacilities(570) 674-8076Email
Reboli, Mark Networking and Telecommunications ManagerIT, Networking Group(570) 674-6753Email
Redington, Joseph University RegistrarRegistrar(570) 674-6756Email
Rehm, David Vice President, Academic AffairsVP Academic Affairs(570) 674-6403Email
Ricardo, James Assistant Director of AthleticsAthletics(570) 674-3366Email
Ricardo, Kristen Assistant Director, SSC/OSDAlternative Learn Proj(570) 674-6205Email
Riddell, Lindsey Assistant Director Mission Ministry and ServiMission, Ministry & Service(570) 674-8041Email
Rimpfel Mack, Callie Dean of StudentsDean of Students(570) 674-8318Email
Rinehimer, Maureen Associate ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6759Email
Rini, Jessica Head Coach Women's Bsktbal/Coord Athletic FacAthletics(570) 674-3367Email
Rivera, Hiliana Administrative AssistantSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-8255Email
Roberts, Erin Assistant ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-1475Email
Roberts, James Chief of StaffPresident(570) 674-6758Email
Rock, Laura Health Sciences LibrarianLibrary(570) 674-6351Email
Roosa, Joshua Head Coach of Men's Wrestling | Event ManagemAthletics(570) 674-8328Email
Rosenthal, Adina Assistant ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-1454Email
Ross, Patricia Assistant Director of Admissions-TransferAdmissions(570) 674-8183Email
Rushmer, Bernadette Director Professional Development and LeadersProfessional Devel. & Leadership(570) 674-8028Email
Sabulski, James Director of Printing and Mailing ServicesPrinting & Mailing Services(570) 674-6253Email
Sakoski, Chad System Administrator/AnalystIT, Networking Group(570) 674-1436Email
Saladino jr, Charles ProfessorChemistry(570) 674-8017Email
Salak, Amanda Fieldwork SpecialistOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6481Email
Samanas, Justine Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-6357Email
Satterfield, Daniel Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-8197Email
Scanlan, Jake Admissions CounselorAdmissions(570) 674-8155Email
Schimelfenig, Randy User Support Programmer AnalystIT, PC Support Group(570) 674-6470Email
Schreffler, Nicole Student Financial Services CounselorStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-3022Email
Scranta, Kimberly Administrative AssistantOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6257Email
Secora, Stephen Director of AdmissionsAdmissions(570) 674-6460Email
Serino, Anthony Associate ProfessorBiology(570) 674-6259Email
Sgroi, Melissa Associate ProfessorCommunications(570) 674-6744Email
Shah, Lalitchandra ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6414Email
Shepherd, Melanie ProfessorPhilosophy(570) 674-6456Email
Sheridan, Maureen Asst Dir Admissions/Part time and GraduateAdmissions(570) 674-6451Email
Shustack, Lisa Associate ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6443Email
Sinclair, Tara Head Coach Cheerleading | StuntAthletics(570) 674-8329Email
Slaff, Corina Associate ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-8022Email
Slater, Heather Administrative AssistantPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6226Email
Slaughter, Mahlon Graduate Assistant - FootballAthletics(570) 674-1228Email
Somers, Christine Director of Mission Ministry and ServiceMission, Ministry & Service(570) 674-6314Email
Sorber, Melissa Prospect Research ManagerAdvancement Services(570) 674-1218Email
Spaciano, Elizabeth Acquisition and Budget SpecialistLibrary(570) 674-6329Email
Speace, Cathy Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6442Email
Spencer, Kimberly Student Financial Services CounselorStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-6715Email
Sprague, Patricia Administrative Support SpecialistAdmissions(570) 674-6264Email
Stahovic, Robyn Head Coach of Field HockeyAthletics(570) 674-6491Email
Stauffer, Mark Head Coach Soccer / Intramural DirectorAthletics(570) 674-6492Email
Stavitzski, Alicia Social Media Marketing StrategistMarketing and Public Relations(570) 674-6799Email
Steinberger, Rebecca ProfessorEnglish(570) 674-6423Email
Stengel, Colleen Head Coach VolleyballAthletics(570) 674-1495Email
Stevens, Christopher Associate ProfessorHistory(570) 674-1446Email
Stine, Jay ProfessorMath/Computer Sci(570) 674-6452Email
Swank, Phillip Manager of Grants AdministrationGov, Corp & Fdn Relat(570) 674-6472Email
Swanson, Matthew Associate ProfessorPhilosophy(570) 674-6775Email
Tabor, Keera Administrative AssistantCampus Life(570) 674-6178Email
Taylor, Alexander Head Coach MW Swimming/Aquatics DirectorAthletics(570) 674-6446Email
Taylor, Valerie Director of Institutional ResearchFincl & Adm Affairs(570) 674-6295Email
Tedford, Steven ProfessorMath/Computer Sci(570) 674-6771Email
Tellis, Cari ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-6207Email
Tellis, Glen ProfessorSpeech & Lang Path(570) 674-6159Email
Templeton, Orley Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-8154Email
Timson, Tyler Graduate Assistant Men's BasketballAthletics(570) 674-1871Email
Tremback-ball, Amy ProfessorPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6328Email
Vallach, Jennifer Health Center Staff NurseStudent Health Services(570) 674-6477Email
Valvano, Abbey Assistant ProfessorPsychology(570) 674-1483Email
Van Etten, Mark Vice President, Finance and AdministrationFincl & Adm Affairs(570) 674-6170Email
Vigilante, Lindsey Assistant ProfessorPhysician Assistant(570) 674-6733Email
Wadas, Christopher Head Coach Track and Field / Cross CountryAthletics(570) 674-3365Email
Wallace, Joseph PlumberFacilities(570) 674-8075Email
Watson, Ryan Associate ProfessorFine Arts(570) 674-6309Email
Weidner, Melissa Assistant ProfessorNursing(570) 674-1439Email
Weis, Karen Assistant ProfessorOccupational Therapy(570) 674-6494Email
Weiss, Annette Associate ProfessorNursing(570) 674-6358Email
Weiss, Marissa Sports Information InternAthletics(570) 674-8408Email
Welliver, Madison Graduate Assistant Women's SoccerAthletics(570) 674-1870Email
Wiernusz, Tiffany Assistant Director of Professional DevelopmenProfessional Devel. & Leadership(570) 674-6343Email
Wiese, Cosima ProfessorBiology(570) 674-6774Email
Wilk, Andrew Assistant Director of Campus SafetySafety Department(570) 674-6731Email
Williams, Kas AVP for Mission and Inst DiversityVP Mission Integration(570) 674-3060Email
Williams, Kelley Student Records ManagerRegistrar(570) 674-6297Email
Willison, Deanna Student Employment/Payroll System CoordinatorFinance(570) 674-6735Email
Wilson, Barbara Student Accounts CoordinatorStudent Financial Serv(570) 674-6222Email
Wingert, Robert Head Coach VolleyballAthletics(570) 674-8311Email
Winneker, Joshua Associate ProfessorBusiness(570) 674-8325Email
Winsock, Stephanie Clinical SpecialistPhysical Therapy(570) 674-6465Email
Woolnough, Scott Alternative Learning Program CoordinatorAlternative Learn Proj(570) 674-6455Email
Wosik, Mateusz Assistant ProfessorBiology(570) 674-8101Email
Woznicki, John Dean of Arts and SciencesColl of Arts and Science(570) 674-1484Email
Yamrick, Joan Interlibrary Loan SpecialistLibrary(570) 674-3033Email
Yarborough III, Otha Offensive Coordinator | Strength and ConditioAthletics(570) 674-8320Email
Yeager, Roberta Assistant ProfessorEducation(570) 674-8144Email
Zawatski, Kathleen Administrative AssistantStudent Success Center(570) 674-8149Email
Zelna, Loraine Associate ProfessorMedical Imaging(570) 674-6438Email